Торговая марка lena tsokalenko. Закончила Института Современный Знаний (г.Минск, Беларусь) в 2001 году по специальности художник-модельер. Член Союза Дизайнеров Беларуси с 2001 года. С 1998 года активно принимает участие в весьма представительных fashion-мероприятиях Беларуси, Украины и России.

Alena Polyanskaya is a Kazakhstani designer, the founder of the brand «PoAlen», constantly takes part in various fashion-events, as well as charity events. The PoAlen brand is a regular participant of Kazakhstan Fashion Week, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week and Dress of the Year Kazakhstan. Participating in the project «Dress of the Year», Alena won prizes not only on the domestic podium, but also in Russia and Italy.

Each peace in Kaplan Kaftan collections has been made with finest silks and lightweight feathers, natural stones beaded over sumptuous velvets. All carefully and ethically sourced from many corners of the world by wonderer - traveler to combine all findings and inspirations to create an eclectic collection where each piece is crafted with touch of quality, unique vision and a tell-tale story.